Rare Prescription

My doctor gave me a prescription for Dunkin’ Donuts today!  I love my doctor! 🙂  It seems that in my attempt to eat better I actually deprived my body of necessary ingredients ~ sugar and caffeine.  I know, you think I’m weird.  You wouldn’t be the first one to tell me this.  But whatever works.  Everyone is different and I just have to do what seems to work for me.  So from here on I’m sticking with the ALL things in moderation policy!  Now if only I could find healthy donuts… 

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3 Responses to Rare Prescription

  1. Sue Smith says:

    So, tomorrow we could go on a healthy donut tasting hunt?!

  2. Mom W. says:

    Just think, all that holiday baking is coming up and you won’t have to say NO quite as much !

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