Quest for the Perfect Water Bottle

Who knew that finding the perfect water bottle would be so difficult?  There are so many companies that make various styles, you would think it would be easy.  Not so.  We have gone through a fair share of styles and brands yet we still aren’t completely satisfied with our on-the-go water options.  Maybe we aren’t satisfied because we are looking for THE PERFECT water bottle (perfect meaning what we want).

I want my bottle to have a:

~ wide mouth opening for adding ice and cleaning purposes
~ cap to have a smaller opening for no-splash gulping (my husband calls me a gerbil because of the sound emulated when I pour the water into my mouth)
~ material other than plastic (I don’t think this will happen as I don’t care for the taste of water out of stainless steel and glass is not an option as I drop bottles far too frequently.)  BPA Free if it has to be plastic.
~ design that does not leak
~ loop of some sort so that I can carry it on one finger – sometimes that’s all I have free with children and other paraphernalia to cart around.

Here are the ones that either I or my family have used:.

Nalgene®Wide mouth – my first water bottle.  I really liked the style and ease of gulping, but am not a fan of having to put a splash guard in so that I did not dribble down the front of myself (side effect of gulping).  If the bottle was banged or dropped, the splash guard would fall to the bottom.  The guard also got gross after awhile.  The wide mouth allowed for easy cleaning and the ability to add ice cubes.

Nalgene®Narrow mouth – my husband had one of these.  I liked the narrow spout for no-splash drinking, but ice cubes did not fit through the opening and it was difficult to clean.

Nalgene®MultiDrink – new find so I don’t have a long-term opinion, but so far it is serving me well.  I like the different drinking options on the cap: (1) a straw for those times when you can’t tilt your head back to take a drink or (2) a drinking spout for quenching big thirsts.  The straw can act as a valve to help the water flow faster when using the spout – added bonus!  I did have an issue with the first cap, it seems to have been a manufacturer flaw as others have had similar issues.  I called Customer Service and they sent a complimentary replacement cap.  I’ve had the replacement cap about a month and I don’t seem to have the same issue as the original cap.  Downside to this bottle is that it is only available in a 20 ounce, others that I have had were 32 ounces.  Also, if the straw is left open and the spout is closed, pressure builds up and it will occasionally leak.  So I’ve learned to either leave the straw and spout open or close them both.

Thermos®Intak – we have had three of these bottles.  Shame on me for letting Thermos fool me.  I liked that these bottles had an opening wide enough for ice cubes and for easy cleaning.  The lid has a spout to help eliminate the possibility of me pouring water down the front of myself.  Unfortunately, all three of these bottles broke in the same place – the clasp that helps keep the spout closed broke.  There are two clasps but the one that is left is definitely not leak proof.  We keep these to use around the house.  I attempted to get a replacement cap from Thermos, but their response was: “Well ma’am, we sell replacement lids for $2.00.”  Nothing complimentary from this company.  They said they did not have reports of anyone else having issues.  She said if it were a manufacturing defect they could replace it but since I dropped it she could only offer a replacement lid.   I told her that we have three of these bottles and they all broke in the same exact place.  Sounds like a manufacturing defect to me.  No more Thermos for our family!

Stainless Steel Water BottleEddie Bauer® – Stainless Steel – we got two of these a couple years ago.  I was not a fan of how the water tasted coming out of the stainless steel.  These bottles have a mouth opening slightly larger than a narrow mouth but smaller than a wide mouth and a plastic screw lid.  The plastic caps did not hold up though.  I’m not sure if they were over-tightened when put on but the lids separated.  They are still usable, but not the most ideal option as one never knows when the cap may leak.

Camelbak® – eddy™Kids – both of our boys have these.  They have served them well, aside from the fact that the bite valve has split and tends to leak when water pressure builds up in the straw.  I personally am not a fan of these because the bite valve is always exposed, it just doesn’t seem sanitary to me which is why I have not purchased one for myself.

Clearly, our ideal bottle does not exist.  So either we have to manufacture our own or settle for something subpar.  For now I’ll stick with the Nalgene® MultiDrink until it completely fails me.

If anyone has a water bottle suggestion, please share.  My husband still needs a faithful water bottle.

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3 Responses to Quest for the Perfect Water Bottle

  1. Sue says:

    I am so un-picky about this that I just use the store bottle! I just don’t like that the water gets warm.

  2. Paula James says:

    Hi there! I love your blog! 🙂

    My name’s Paula James. I just came across this and thought I’d share with you my favorite water bottle!

    It’s Brita’s filter-bottle! It’s pretty amazing and has WONDERFUL reviews! Not sure if you’ve ever tried or used it before! I think the product is fairly new. I think it has everything you’e asked for except it is plastic! :-/

    Here’s the link!

    If you click “more about this product” and open the PDF file, you can sort of see the diagram! If you decide to get it, I think it’s available at any grocery store and possibly a Costco or BJ’s!

    Hope this helps! 😀

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