Never a dull moment

Typically, this is not what you want to find when you walk down the stairs…

Dear Kai successfully emptied the entire lipstick tube on the step (aside from the little amount that was in his mouth).  I stared at the mess wondering how to begin cleaning the smashed lipstick.  I looked in a book that I had for cleaning practically anything.  Unfortunately, I did not have the solvents suggested so I attempted to blot up the glob with a rag.  That quickly became covered in lipstick and the stain did not look any better.  I tried to rinse the rag out but the lipstick was not water soluble.  I tried using the bar of soap sitting next to the sink to clean the rag and it immediately came clean.  So, I had an idea…use a bar of soap on the carpet.  But not just any bar of soap, Fels-Naptha.

My mom always had a bar of this around and she had it because her mom had it.  She shared a bar with me awhile back.  I have used it on rare occasion but it mostly sat in the closet, until today.   Thank you mom for sharing your Fels-Naptha!  This stuff is AWESOME!  After twenty minutes of blotting and scrubbing the lipstick covered area came clean.

 That is now the cleanest area of our carpet-covered stairs.

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