Garden Update

It’s been awhile so I thought I’d share some pictures of our garden.  We are definitely enjoying the fruits of our labor.

We have gotten a ton of lettuce off of the four plants.  We keep picking and it keeps growing.  We are surprised that it has not bolted yet as it has been rather warm for lettuce.  Our broccoli did not do as well as we had hoped.  While we were on vacation the weather warmed up and the broccoli started to flower.  We have gotten a few small cuttings but nothing substantial considering we have four plants.  We just picked our last radishes today from our second planting, and the scallions and onions are finally getting to a decent size for harvesting.

We are anxiously awaiting the ripening of our peppers and tomatoes.  We have two cherry tomatoes that are ready to be picked and many more that are green.

We discovered that one of our jalapeno pepper plants is actually a serrano pepper plant.  They should make some nice salsa!  Our cucumber plants have lots of blossoms.  We can’t wait until we have lots of cukes!  We are hoping that the carrots are doing their thing underground.  The greens look great and we can see a few orange carrot tops peaking through, but we have not pulled any yet.

We are really enjoying gardening.  The boys ask every day to walk around the garden and check things out!  Kai picks a few green cherry tomatoes a day.  And Cole already has plans for next year’s garden – BIGGER!

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2 Responses to Garden Update

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    Holy cow! Our garden is doing well but much farther behind–it didn’t grow at all when we had weeks of rain. Your carrots probably won’t be ready for a while, unless you got them in really early. They take a long time. We usually harvest ours really late in the summer.

    • girl ninja says:

      We do live in the Garden State! 🙂 Our weather lately has basically been like an open-air greenhouse so the garden is really growing. Our Beefsteak tomato plant is almost 5 feet tall. I can’t imagine how much taller it’s going to get.

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