Laughter and Friendship

Have you ever had one of those days where things seem to be going really well and then all of a sudden everything hits the fan?  I recently experienced one of these days, and if it weren’t for the gifts of laughter and friendship it would have been a difficult afternoon.

The day started great, albeit at 5:30AM, but that’s when God woke me because it was going to be a busy day.   I got up, showered, spent time with God, washed and hung diapers, fixed breakfast, went to Walmart and started making cupcakes when my perfect plan started to crumble.   I had wanted to have certain things accomplished prior to our friends arriving for a playdate.  I looked at the mess that had quickly taken over my kitchen and the only thing I could do was laugh and smile.  For those of you who know me I would normally freak out over such a situation but this particular day was different.   The mess just didn’t seem to matter. It’s just the way life is sometimes when you have two rambunctious boys.  I also knew that our friends wouldn’t care what condition the house was in because they were coming to spend time with us not inspect our home. 🙂

I’ve learned that the way I handle what life throws my way determines whether it’s going to be a good day or a bad day.  Starting my day off with God definitely helped me this particular day.  Rising early before the children (who are normally awake by 6:45AM), spending some precious time in God’s word and praying for our day definitely sets the pace.  When I don’t do this, the day just seems chaotic.

What do you do to help you get through the rough days?

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