Laundry Elf

It’s not every day that you come home and find your laundry has been folded when no one was home all day.  This was my experience tonight when I walked in the door.

We have an interesting set up at our house.  We live in a tri-plex with a shared laundry room that is attached to our living space with an outside entrance for the other tenants.

I left this morning with a load of towels in the dryer.  I placed the laundry basket in front of the dryer so that if someone else needed to use the facilities they could easily pull the towels out and put them in the basket (like living in a college dorm).  When I came home tonight I noticed that the towels were beautifully folded and neatly stacked in the laundry basket – talk about putting a smile on my face! 🙂 I asked my husband if he had folded them but he said that he had just gotten home as well.   Hmmmm……it must have been one of the other tenants.

I don’t know which person was so generous to take the time and fold my towels, but I am very appreciative!   Living in a shared building you never know what sort of neighbors you might end up with; I am thankful that God gave us friendly ones.

Thank you Laundry Elf!

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