Recurring Theme

I am a slow learner.  Not long ago I posted on how God uses my own words of correction toward my children to actually discipline me.  Well He did it again, and boy am I thankful he did!  He showed me that I am the ungrateful brat and my children learn from my behavior.

God directed me to Luke 6:27-36 (specifically v. 32-36).  Ouch!  How am I any different than sinners?  Yes, I believe that Christ alone saved me.  Unfortunately, my behavior does not always reflect that.  I realized I was trying to take the easy way out and that is not what God tells us to do.  He wants us to be merciful, love our enemies, do good and expect nothing in return.  I am no different than sinners if I am staying in the safe zone.  He wants me to be vulnerable.

Here are some comments from Matthew Henry that helped drive this idea home, “What credit are you to the name of Christ, or what reputation do you bring to it? for sinners also, that know nothing of Christ and his doctrine, do even the same. But it becomes you to do something more excellent and eminent to do that which sinners will not do: you must render good for evil;then we are to our God for a name and a praise and he will have the thanks.”

I am forever grateful for what Christ accomplished on the cross and is accomplishing in me.  Thank you Jesus for not giving up on me!

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